About Us

"Ho…das one rusty boar!" were the words I uttered to describe the massive reddish brown mud covered boar we caught while hunting one day on the Big Island of Hawaii in 2009.  Hence the name RUSTYBOAR.COM was born in Hawaii and became the name of the website I created for local hunters to share their pictures, videos and stories of their latest catch for all the world to see.  Not having a shirt that I could wear that identified my love for hunting drove me to create my first RUSTYBOAR shirt.  Hunters have always inspired the designs of a RUSTYBOAR shirt.  From the images of rows of boar jaws that cover garage walls came the “Wall of Jaws” shirt and the breaking of the jaws to hang them up inspired the “Jaw Breaker” shirt.  Hunters are the heartbeat of the RUSTYBOAR brand.  Their epic pictures, exhilarating videos and thrilling stories fuel and perpetuate the hunting legacy for all and especially future generations.  These designs created by a hunter for the hunter has been the mission and focus.  Life is too short to not live a life that you love.  So, live, love and hunt…then repeat daily.  - T'Jaye Forsythe, CEO RUSTYBOAR.COM

T'Jaye Forsythe on the Big Island of Hawaii at where the lava flow meets the ocean
(Picture above: T'Jaye Forsythe on the Big Island of Hawaii at the edge of the coastline cringing because of the intense heat where the lava meets the ocean. Photo credit: Tom Kualii)


Address:  1581 Kaunala Way, Hilo, HI 96720
Phone:  1-808-990-1601
E-mail:  rustyboar@hawaii.rr.com